Why Perpetual Remission?

Everyone is searching for “the cure.”

It’s human nature.

There is a problem and we want to fix it.


Whether it is the silver bullet, the holy grail, the fountain of youth, or a magic pill; it is in our nature to want to find that secret weapon that will solve all of our (and the world’s) problems.

Most of the time, though, there is no magic cure.

Deep down, you know it. I know it.

We wish for a magic cure because we don’t want to put in the hard work that we know it would actually take.

To ask the hard questions.

To be open enough to listen for a real answer.

To keep seeking until we find the truth.

And to put in the blood, sweat, and tears that the truth requires.

Most of the real solutions require consistent effort. Over time.

And it’s not sexy.

Simple maybe (I didn’t say easy). But definitely not sexy.

It requires time. Time which seems to be getting shorter and shorter and less available with all of the distractions calling out to us and demanding our time and attention.

It requires attention. To be intentional. To be aware and notice subtle changes. To be present.

It requires discipline. To do what needs to be done. Because it will ultimately lead to a better outcome and add to your happiness.

But we avoid the pain of discipline because it is boring and seems like hard work; blissfully ignorant and hoping to avoid the inevitable pain of regret down the line.

The real secret is that there is no secret. There is only consistent, persistent, never-giving-up effort.

Not because you should. Not because someone told you to. Not because everyone else is doing it.

But because it resonates with you. You know you are doing something that will reap far more benefits than you can see on the surface. The benefits far outweigh the costs. In deeper ways. To love. To live free. To even surpass your potential or what you thought was possible; as discipline becomes habit, a way of life.

What others see as discipline and was once hard for you is no longer something you even think about. It has become habit. It has become natural. It has become easy and not a burden.

Just like a newborn baby is not expected to walk immediately. It must crawl, tumble, struggle to even stand up. But soon enough, that baby is up on its own two feet, running around, never to look back again at the struggle. There are no “natural walkers” who are born with the ability to walk. Every baby goes through the same process.

Putting in the hard work is worth it.

Stretch your mind. Test your limits. Overreach a little and don’t mind being uncomfortable.

Pretty soon, it becomes a part of your life and is as normal as walking.

Our core belief at Perpetual Remission is that our bodies are meant to be healthy. Our bodies are not meant to be sick. Just because sickness is common doesn’t mean it’s normal. And yet because sickness is so common, it has become accepted as a part of life. That it is inherited genetically or something that just comes with age.

But this is a lie.

Sickness is an indication that we are not healthy. Get healthy and sickness goes away. Stay healthy and sickness doesn’t come back.

The problem with most people looking for a cure is that they are hoping that there is one thing that they can do that will make their sickness go away: a prescription drug, a medical procedure, or even a natural superfood.

So they get their “cure.”

But then they go back to the habits and lifestyle that got them into that state of sickness in the first place.

It’s no surprise that chances are high that it will come back. And often, it will come back even faster and more aggressive. So they go back to “re-cure” their recurred sickness.

The disease didn’t just come out of nowhere.

It is quite revealing that cancer “success” rates are measured based on whether a “survivor” is still alive 5 years past diagnosis. The statistics fail to mention the pain, struggles, and complications that patients endure during treatment. Or that it doesn’t count if the patient dies from a different disease. Or how it will affect their quality of life during treatment and afterwards. And all the things they will have to give up in the process and because of treatment.

Are they really living or just barely surviving?

Is that how you would measure success?

It is not enough to merely get a sickness into remission. It must be a continual process through your lifestyle and habits so that it has no chance to come back, or happen in the first place. That through your habits, you would create an environment where health thrives and sickness cannot.

You cannot hold back the darkness by flicking the light switch on once and then back off again. You are not a good person because you did one good deed. As long as you keep the light on, the darkness stays away.

There is no magic cure. Only maintaining healthy habits.

It must be perpetual. A perpetual remission.

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