Health Concerns

The 5 Causes of High Blood Sugar

Blood sugar levels are getting out of control. With increasing rates of diabetes and its complications, people are looking for answers. But it seems like everyone is saying something different. The dizzying array of voices and opinions makes you want to throw your hands up in the air and give […]

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Everything About Diabetes I Learned From Air Conditioning

Usually, the beginning of autumn marks the changing of the leaves and the cooling of temperatures. This year, autumn arrived with a temperature of 93 degrees, more than 10 degrees hotter than the historical average. As I sit comfortably in front of my computer, sheltered from the heat wave, I […]

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5 Ways Your Body Confirms Carbs Are Good For You

Every living organism needs it in order to thrive. It is the human body’s preferred source of energy. Your brain runs exclusively on it. Your muscles are powered by it. It courses through your veins to nourish all the cells throughout your body. Without it, your body literally thinks it […]

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